Getting back to Trad/First Lead Day

With assistance from awesome helpers, around nine members with limited or forgotten experience of ‘Trad’ climbing took part in a ‘getting back to Trad/First Lead’ refresher day organised by Club Member Sara Davies at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower on Saturday 8th June.

In traditional (or trad) climbing the lead climber places the protection equipment while ascending the route. When the lead climber has completed the route, the second climber (or belayer) then removes the protection equipment as they climb. Anchor building, correct belaying and placing protection securely, to minimise the liklihood of injury in the event of a climber falling, are essential parts of the skills needed.

Participants were safely supervised whilst having the opportunity to refresh and practice tying knots correctly, placing gear, building secure belays, and generally staying out of trouble. For some participants this was their first opportunity to have a go at leading a climb rather than following as a second on a top-rope.

With lots of routes climbed and many less experienced members gaining good trad experience, all present agreed it had been a very worthwhile day, with a lot of fun. Well done to those who led routes for the first time.

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