A perfect tour of the Isle of Rum

Over the misty mountains,
Past the wide heights of blue,
Even to the crystal fountains,
Where all the dreams come true.

The Mountain Trail and its Message. Albert W. Palmer, 1911.

Organised by Club member Keith Anderson during Spring Bank Holiday week 2024, a perfect tour of the Isle of Rum has been made – to our knowledge, the first time a Club trip has been made there.

Beautiful landscapes seen through the mist, made cherished moments as hill walking dreams came true for eight or so Club members. With happy faces on the return ferry, even the dolphins were dancing in celebration.

On the first day, we arrived off the ferry from Mallaig in the afternoon and after an induction tour of the bunk house, we climbed ‘Mullach Mor’, a north western peak on the island.

The western peaks ‘Ard New’, ‘Oraval’, ‘Fionchara’ and ‘Minichal’ were covered on day 2. This trek in the Scottish rain was in preparation for the big day and was certainly character building.

Day three was the big day! The ‘Rum Cuillin’ traverse covering ‘Coire Dubh’, ‘Hallival’, ‘Askival’- the highest peak on Rum, ‘Trollabhal’ and ‘Ainshval’ was completed.
There followed a rest day for some while more ardent trekkers explored several different parts of the island.

On the last day members covered many parts of the island including Dibidil walk, ‘Barkeval’ peak and the ‘Red Deer’ project walk to Kilmory beach.

Fantastic company and everything! 😊