Photo competition rules 2024

Our annual Club photo competition is coming around again. Judging takes place in a few weeks’ time with presentation of the winners on Thursday 29th February 2024.

The deadline for submission of entries is Friday 19th January 2024.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need to submit your entry, EXCEPT for the links for submitting your entries. These are communicated separately in the WhatsApp and Email messages you received.

All members are welcome to submit entries to the competition.

Photograph(s) must have been taken within the past twelve months. Camera and phone photos are both accepted.

We award small prizes for the best photo in each category and for the best photo overall. Our judge provides feedback on each photo so even if you’re not able to attend the judge’s presentation, please still consider entering. The feedback will be made available afterwards.

If you have questions, please ask.

Competition rules

1. Photographs must be digital medium (JPEG, .jpg format) with a resolution of at least 72 dpi. Images with a 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratio are accepted.

2. Photographs must have been taken by you and within the past 12 months i.e., between 20th January 2023 and 19th January 2024.

3. New for 2023/24, there are four competition categories, explained here in photo competition categories:

A. The Club in action (Note: Photos that were not taken on official/programmed Club events will be allowed in this category, as long they involve several Club members mountaineering, scrambling, climbing or walking together.)
B. Mountain weather
C. Portrait of a mountain, hill or crag
D. Adventure in wild places

4. Members can submit up to 4 photos in total. Members can submit in one or more of the categories (A) – (D) and in as many categories as they wish but they must not submit more than 4 photos in total. A specific photo must not be submitted in more than one category.

5. If you submit more than one photo in a category, you must indicate your preferred order – first, second, third. This is so that, if necessary, we can control the number of photos in a category by discarding your least important photo(s). This order, 1, 2, 3 must be specified as part of the file naming. See next rule. If you don’t want to risk having your least preferred photo discarded, submit in more than one category.

6. Entries must have entrant’s name and category clearly included as part of the filename. The filename must have the following format:

aaaaaaa-cc-nn.jpg    where
aaaaaaa = your name
cc           = the category: ma, mb, mc, md – corresponding to categories above
nn          = 01, 02, 03 numbering your entry in the category, in order of preference.

For example:   “fredbloggs-mb-01.jpg” for Fred’s first and most important entry in the
mountain weather category

7. Each photograph must have a title and details of this must be included with your entry.

8. Entries can be submitted by either:

  • Adding your photos/files to a Dropbox folder for competition entries. Note, you don’t need to be a Dropbox subscriber to do this, and you can do it from a PC or a phone.
  • Using a free file transfer service, such as You can do this from a PC or a phone.

Hyperlinks / QR Code for submitting your entries have been communicated separately in the WhatsApp and Email messages you received on 22 December.

9. A prize will be awarded to the winner in each category, plus a further prize to the best of the category winners.

10. The judge’s decision is final.

11. By submitting an entry, you give permission for your photograph(s) to be used by the Club for marketing and/or illustrative purposes on the Club’s website.