• Tristan summits Island Peak

    On 13th May 2023, Tristan Blanchard, a member of the Gwent Mountaineering Club, successfully reached the summit of Imja Tse/Island Peak (20,305ft) in the Nepal Himalaya, coinciding with his birthday.

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  • All new, photo competition categories refreshed for 2023/24

    The Club announces refreshing changes to their annual photography competition for 2023/24, introducing four new categories: The Club in action, Mountain weather, Portrait of a mountain, hill or crag, and Adventure in wild places. Entries taken during 2023 qualify for judgings in February 2024, with further rules to be detailed later.

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  • Another great trip to the Lake District

    Gwent Mountaineering Club had another successful trip to the Lake District, staying at Stair Cottage and hiking well-known and lesser-known fells. The diverse terrain and the opportunity for members to work towards completing famed hill lists made the experience rewarding.

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